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On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the 13 th IWA Micropol & Ecohazard Conference, to be held from June 16 to 20, 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan.
Occurrences of micropollutants in water environment has gained increased attention due to their potential impact on water resources and water safety. The possible impact on the ecosystem and the adverse effects on human health not only drew the attention of regulatory agencies and academia around the world, it has also become an important issue of concern to the International Water Association (IWA). In terms of micropollutants and trace contaminants in water, the Micropol & Ecohazard Conference is a professional conference organized by IWA’s specialist group on Assessment and Control of Hazardous Substances in Water (ACHSW), focusing on
issues related to micropollutants in the water environment. The main topics include the detection of micropollutants, the assessment of environmental ecology and human health risks, and the research and development of various pollution control technologies and regulations. The IWA Micropol & Ecohazard Conference hosted by ACHSW has been held 12 times in different countries. The 13 th IWA Micropol and Ecohazard Conference, with the main theme of “Towards a Low Ecological and Health Risk Water Environment”, will be a meaningful platform for water quality specialists to share experience and knowledge of micropollutants in water. We welcome colleagues to share their current research on topics related to ecological and health risk assessment, prioritization and management strategies of emerging contaminants, and identification, detection, and control of micropollutants in water.
The local organizers warmly welcome all delegates to Taipei. Taipei is a vibrant metropolitan and serves as Taiwan’s political, economic, and cultural center. Modern and sophisticated Taipei boasts a convenient and accessible transportation system, affordable and quality hotel accommodations, delectable and enchanting cuisines, and best of all a warm and friendly people. Come and join us at the 2024 IWA Micropol Conference in Taipei.
We look forward to welcoming all of you in Taipei.