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Welcome to Taiwan

 Although COVID has severely damaged global tourism, Taiwan’s tourism industry is experiencing a new dawn after the reopening of the border on October 13, 2022 and the lifting of limits on inbound tourists on December 10, 2022. Taiwan is one of the world’s safest tourist destinations. In 2022, global recognition of its tourism industry included the following: 1) Taipei was named as “Asia’s Best Leisure Travel Destination” by US travel magazine Global Traveler, 2) Taipei was ranked as one of the top-10 global tourist destinations by Lonely Planet and 3) Taiwan was recognized as the “Most Inclusive Tourism Destination of the Year” among non-members of the Organization of Islamic Countries by CrescentRating in its “Halal in Travel Awards.”

Taiwan’s diverse tourism resources are actively promoted by the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Its themes and initiatives include regional development, ecotourism (flowers, birds, butterflies), culture (folk festivals, Hakka villages, museums, small towns), foods (hot spring food, Michelin-rated restaurants, exhibitions, night markets), and LOHAS (cycling, marathons, railways, green trails, hot springs). Four major seasonal events are the Taiwan Lantern Festival (spring), the Taiwan Midsummer Tourism Festival, the Taiwan Cycling Festival (autumn), and the Hot Spring Festival (winter). Activities such as these attract tourists from near and far through all four seasons.

Entering the post-epidemic era, Taiwan is moving forward on several fronts. These include enhancing digitalization, localization, sustainability, attraction diversity and service levels. These efforts are all geared toward making Taiwan an increasingly attractive Asian tourism destination.

Taiwan’s natural features, culture and technical development all support inbound tourism. Visitors can experience a wide variety of traditional celebrations, religious practices and ethnic cultures. Taiwan welcomes friends from all over the world. Regardless of age or interests, an attractive itinerary awaits. Discover Taiwan and enjoy a new and interesting travel experience!