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Hello, Taipei

In the early morning, have a traditional breakfast in Dadaocheng and then wander into the hundred-year-old street to unveil an emerging cultural and creative industry. In the afternoon, set foot on the trails of Yangmingshan to enjoy the greatness of nature; or visit Chifeng shopping district to experience the outbursts of trends and arts. When the METRO drives from the twilight dusk into the neon lights in darkness, it’s time to stop by at the night market to enjoy the local delicacies; and deeper into the night, why not pick an exquisite bar lounge and toast the sleepless city!

These are a few of the many ways to experience Taipei. Spending some time on knowing about Taipei before the journey will lessen your panic and anxiety when you reach this metropolis, enabling you to enjoy your time here. Instead of saying “ni hao, Taipei” (“hello, Taipei”, literally means “you good, Taipei”), you can also enjoy the “hao Taipei” (great Taipei)!