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National Taiwan University

Since its establishment, NTU has been the leader of higher education in Taiwan and has faced and tackled a variety of challenges on the path toward excellence. Prevailing adaptability and resilient tenacity have refined our esteemed institute to be steadfastly eminent and estimable.

However, NTU must preemptively address the myriad of challenges that have arisen in recent years, such as recruitments of talents, pedagogical reforms, innovations in research, and competitions for worldwide standings. To hone NTU’s competitive edge in research and education, and to avoid unpredictable marginalization in the global arena, we are committed to the following: enacting comprehensive internationalization, elevating research and development capacity, establishing unimpeded enrollment venues for the underprivileged, and effectuating innovations in both learning and teaching. With these efforts, we aim to make strides and bring the prestige of NTU to a new height at the University’s centennial in 2028.